Our Story

We are uniquely invested in your wellness.

Drexi empowers you with a curated approach to a better you that goes well beyond saving.

Our intentions can be summed up pretty simply. We believe that everyone has the right to honest pricing on their prescriptions. We are dedicated to making your prescription medications affordable, manageable, and cost-effective.

Why Drexi

People choose us because we give them options. Drexi members get honest pricing on prescriptions through a premier network of pharmacies.

There are other benefits too, of course, like saving more money than other PBMs and fixed membership rates, but what makes us really stand out is that we are wellness advocates. When our people are healthy, they are happy, and there’s nothing more valuable than that.

The fact is that the prescription drug sector is one of the most opaque industries in the world, which means they are able to get away with a lot. Drexi is changing all of that by empowering its members through honesty-- a trait that has been lacking in this industry for far too long.