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A virtual assistant that helps you choose the best place to get your prescription.

Get your script

You’ve gone to the doctor, gotten your diagnosis, and now it’s time for your doctor to give you your prescription.

Most people will just have someone call this info into their “regular” pharmacy, but you’re not most people. You get to work with your doctor and Drexi to find the best price.

Step 1 - Get your script
Ask Drexi and scroll through prices and locations

Just enter your prescription info into the search bar and we’ll give you a list of all your local pharmacies, and the cost of your prescription at each spot.

Most people don’t even know that they have a choice when it comes to filling a prescription, and that’s okay if you didn’t know that either. Now you do. And that’s what matters.

Step 1 - Ask Drexi and scroll through prices and locations
Go to the best pharmacy for you

Now you get to look through your list of options, and decide what to do next. Maybe driving an extra few minutes is worth the savings, maybe it’s not. That’s your call. And that’s called freedom.

This might take some getting used to, but with Drexi you’re in control. We let you make a choice that you probably didn’t even know you had before.

Step 1 - Go to the best pharmacy for you
Be well

We keep a full history of your prescriptions, so you can see what you have taken, and when. You have the data and you decide what to do with it.

Most other prescription platforms only help people save money, and some consumers may just want that. Drexi is an advocate for your overall wellness. And no one else does it as we do.

Step 1 - Be well

Drexi provides access to any and all Manufacturer Savings Programs, Patient Assistance Programs and other savings and discounts offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Drexi is a repository for all of your prescription records. Drexi can also provide reports and analytics regarding your drug records (for tax purposes, billing to other health insurance, drug utilization information for caregivers, and to share utilization information with your other physicians and specialist physicians).

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Drexi is the future of saving on prescriptions and promoting wellness in the workplace.

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